In the Beginning

Ever since I watched Julie & Julia, I’ve loved the idea of cooking through a cookbook. It’s a fun thought- but the struggle lies in finding a cookbook that I’m willing to commit to. Enter a weekend retreat in Columbus, Ohio.

A group of us ladies were sitting around the lobby of the Rosedale International Center, where these World at Your Table cookbooks were tantalizingly on display. As we sat and waited for dinner to be served, I flipped through these pages and realized I could see myself feeding 90% of these dishes to my family. I made a light comment to my friend about cooking through this cookbook and she said, “Yeah, and you could blog about it.”

Like I need another blog.

Or another commitment in my life.

But I am burned out on feeding people, my family included. I could use some motivation to prepare better meals for my teenagers. And I already own the cookbook. It’s been sitting on my kitchen shelf waiting for me to do something with it.

So here’s the plan. There are 196 recipes in this book. I plan to serve every one of them to my family (even Salmon Pesto Pizza – my husband can just eat something else that night.) 🙂 I don’t promise to do these in any particular order, and I’m not giving myself any kind of time frame. This might take a year; it might take a decade.

I’ll post a picture of each prepared dish – but I won’t be throwing all the recipes out for public consumption.  That’s just not fair to the creator of the book. But you can get your own copy here – they’re just $10. And the money goes to a good cause.

So… hello, new blog. Here’s to a definite life span. 196 recipes, 196 posts.


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  1. It’s practice for OUR cookbook! Or something like that. Or maybe nothing like that at all. Either way, I’ll read it!


  2. ruthie.voth says:

    Reblogged this on thoughts from the green room and commented:

    I started this blog when my children were little. It was a convenient way to share some of their stories and to keep family and friends up-to-date with our lives. Now they’ve gotten older and they aren’t interested in having their cute conversations splashed all over the internet. I’m really not sure anymore what the purpose of this blog is.

    But I do enjoy blogging. I’ve missed it. I may or may not figure out what to do with Thoughts From the Green Room.

    Until then…. I’ve started a new blog. There’s a point to it. A beginning and an end. If I post twice a week, the blog should be alive for about two years. And who knows what might happen along the way.

    Check it out. Feel free to follow it and like and/or comment on the posts.

    ps – It’s a cooking blog and I’m not making all the recipes public. But I’m always happy to share my recipes with friends. So if you love something you see… all you have to do is ask.


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